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A Vibrant and Caring Community Where Learning for Life is Fun
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Stakeholder Views
Parent/Carer Feedback 2016
"The School is fantastic"
"The school is outstanding and provides amazing daily education, fun and couldn't ask for more"
"Very supportive staff members"

"My son would not be the wonderful young man he is without the dedication and skill of everyone working at Uplands"

Student Feedback 2016

"I like being with my friends"

"I would not change anything about the school"

"I like doing maths, PE and going to Restore"

"The staff are nice and listen to me"

At Uplands we are open and honest about the views of our stakeholders (Parents/Carers, Students and Staff) and are more than happy to share information from questionnaires. We take the results seriously and respond to feedback both positive and negative. Please find below the results from the latest questionnaires. If you would like to discuss any of the results then please contact the Executive Headteacher, Jackie Smith.

Parent/Carer Feedback

Parent/Carer Questionnaire and Comments 2016

Parent/Carer Questionnaire and Comments 2015

Student Questionnaire

Student Questionnaire and Comments 2016

Student Questionnaire and Comments