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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy
Catch Up Premium 2016 -2017

The Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium is a sum of money allocated to Yr 7 students who have not reached the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of KS2.

Uplands is a maintained special school which delivers education to students with Severe or Profound and multiple Learning difficulties and or a diagnosis of Autism.

All students upon entry are working below age related expectations and most students are working within ‘P’ levels. Consequently Uplands receives literacy and numeracy catch-up premium for all Yr 7 students.

Current funding
The current funding allocation for the academic year 2016/2017 is £12500

Current Spending intentions
All students upon entry to Uplands have very complex learning profiles, often with associated anxiety related behaviours, particularly for students who have a diagnosis of ASC. This results in students not being ready to learn when they arrive at the start of September.

We consider that the best way to ensure year 7 students make outstanding progress in literacy and numeracy is to use the literacy & numereacy catch-up premium to support a smooth transition into the school. Uplands have a dedicated team which supports transitions, including those students transitioning into year 7 who;

  • Visit Yr 6 students in their current learning environment to;
  • Understand the individualised needs of students
  • Understanding their communication needs
  • Understanding their sensory needs
  • Be able to suggest a suitable House which the student will enter at Uplands
  • Work with the feeder schools to identify specific barriers to learning
  • Work with the Uplands leadership team to suggest suitable class groups
  • Attend Annual reviews of yr 6 students (where necessary)
  • Produce 1 page profiles to best inform teachers of students’ individual needs
  • Arrange and host transitional visits

By committing to use our allocated yr 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up funds to support the transitions team we ensure that each year 7 student has the best chance of a positive start, which enables them to begin learning sooner than if they didn’t have the input of the transitions team throughout Yr 6.

Communication, and the development of good communication skills is an aspect of a students’ education that we consider essential to help not just in academic progression but also the more generalised use of communication in functional contexts. We support this by employing a dedicated Speech and Language assistant who works with students, including those in year 7 to develop communication skills. The literacy and numeracy top-up premium funding contributes towards the costs associated with the employment and resourcing of this non-statutory service.

Previous spending
In the last year, the Yr 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium has been spent on:

  • A dedicated Transitions team
  • A speech and language assistant to offer communications for students, based on teacher referral
  • Supporting the development of a reading scheme which:
  • Enabled us to provide staff training on the use of the reading scheme and Benchmarking
  • To purchase Reading resources (Books)

How last year’s allocation made a difference?

  • Yr 6 students transitioned positively into Year 7
  • As a result of the transition team’s work, all students were correctly placed in the correct classes and no ‘in year’ movement occurred as a result of not being in the correct learning environment
  • Year 7 (12) students were judged to have made good towards outstanding progress in literacy with 46% making Upper quartile progress (based on national progression guidance)
  • Year 7 (12) students were judged to have made Outstanding progress in numeracy with 50% making upper quartile progress (based on national progression guidance)